Dr. med. Dieter Hoffmann - Orthopädie Leonberg
Dr. med. Dieter Hoffmann - Orthopädie Leonberg

Scoliosis Network

Together with the orthopaedic technician Rahmouni, I have been attending to scoliosis patients with orthoses for 30 years.


Here, we are applying a corresponding concept and attach special importance to the early diagnosis and treatment of paediatric scoliosis since there are very good therapeutic possibilities.


The earlier scoliosis is detected, the greater the effects of a therapy later on.


But even adults with great discomfort and pain can be supplied with orthopaedic orthoses. In this context, we can also draw on a wealth of experience, especially in the case of kyphoses.


Together with Prof. Halm, Chief Physician of the Spinal Surgery / Scoliosis Centre of the Schön Klinik Neustadt as well as Frau Dr. Leichtle, functional senior physician of the orthopaedic clinic in Tübingen, Germany, spine department, I conduct surgery consultations at periodical intervals. Here, the corresponding surgeons inform my patients comprehensively » » Orthopaedische Universitaetsklinik Tuebingen about the possibilities and chances of surgery in the area of the spine.



The consultations are held periodically in my practice at intervals of 3 months.
Functional diagnostics

My diagnostic possibilities consist of low-radiation digital X-ray equipment that can map and X-ray osseous structures.

Low radiation

Particularly special filters make it possible to reduce the exposure dose to a minimum so that the many children who are examined in my practice are hardly contaminated by X-rays.

Video rasterstereography

Video rasterstereography maps the spine without any radiation involved. It is possible to represent the spine three-dimensionally from the side and from behind and conduct corresponding functional analyses, e.g. to what extent a shoe elevation would impact the statics of the spine.


The osteodensitometry is performed using the DXA method. The measurement is performed in the area of the spine and the hips; thus it is possible to determine preciselyprecisely whether there is osteoporosis in this area or not. The DXA method is the only osteoporosis measuring technique that is approved by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Osteologie (German Osteology Society).

Size calculation in children

With a special computer procedure, it is possible to determine the final size of children relatively exactly. In this way, we can predicate to which extent the growth of a child has been completed or how the growth is going to develop in the future.