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Scoliosis treatment options

Starting with basic data, according to Cobb we assume normal values up to a lateral deviation of up to 10 °, a scoliosis exceeding approx. 10 °, especially during childhood and youth, calls for treatment treating so in these cases it is our duty to act. A scoliosis exceeding 20 ° will be treated using an orthosis, from 55 ° surgery must be considered, even when adolescents are involved.


Scoliosis therapy

The therapeutic measures depend on the degree of distortion and on the aggravation to be expected.


Scolioses up to 20 ° without noteworthy progress should be treated with physiotherapy. Scolioses exceeding approx. 20 ° should be treated using a corset. The earlier the treatment is started, the better the success of treatment.


Therapy using a corset is a tedious and responsible assignment for all participants. A maximally straightening body orthosis, well-founded physiotherapy, optimum medical care that also considers the mental issues, the belief in the effectiveness of the measure, sympathy and support from family members, friends and school are the prerequisites that drive success. In spite of being adolescent, the person concerned should realize his/her responsibility for his/her own health and grow into it with the support of everyone involved.


The patient is subject to many stresses and strains in the course of the scoliosis therapy: many years of physical and psychic impairment, daily gymnastics and frequent X-rays – all this in a juvenile development phase that calls for freedom of movement. However, our experience has shown that the consistency and the persistence are rewarded with positive results. An optimum correction, the accurate workmanship and the neat appearance of the orthosis combined with empathetic care and the prospect of success motivate our young patients to wear the orthosis on a regular basis.


The corsets manufactured by Mr. Rahmouni are designed very individually, based on the conventional body orthoses and are subject to permanent further development due to new experience. The plaster impression is made in advance according to the latest X-ray of the complete spine with maximally corrected posture. Technically, this is an essential prerequisite for providing a corset efficiently.


Taking into consideration the anatomic and biomechanical fundamentals, our body orthosis counteracts the three-dimensional deformation of the body with the greatest possible derotating, correcting and growth-controlling function.


Main pressure, counter pressure and amply dimensioned relief zones with space for expansion for the reaction as well as the evasion of the body and the respiratory adjustment, result in a correction or an overcorrection depending on the type of scoliosis and the flexibility of the spine. To stop the progress, at the beginning of the therapy the function of the corset should generally achieve a minimum straightening in the orthosis of 50 % of the curvature on hand. Often we achieve a greater degree of straightening, which leads to a permanent maintenance of the correction and an enhancement of the initial findings.


Due to the possible therapy success, we support the conservative therapy wherever possible since a therapy that is not accepted or a withdrawal from the therapy causes an aggravation of the scoliosis and may make surgery necessary.


Other types of scoliosis as well as kyphosis can also be treated successfully using our body orthoses.


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