Dr. med. Dieter Hoffmann - Orthopädie Leonberg
Dr. med. Dieter Hoffmann - Orthopädie Leonberg

Sports Medicine in our Orthopaedic Practice

It's never too late for sport – let us help you!

Physical fitness is the most important factor for good health!


Present-day perceptions in sports medicine

"Sport on a regular basis" has positive effects on the entire metabolism and the cardio-vascular system. The musculature is strengthened, the joints and intervertebral disks in the spine are sufficiently nourished, and even the development of osteoporosis is reduced to a large extent. The immune system is invigorated and shows its gratefulness with increased resistance to infections.


The enhancement of fitness has an impact on our intellectual performance, on our creativity and thus on our professional and private success.

Why sports medicine?


Sports medicine and the significance of sport up until old age are gaining more and more in importance. Many people begin endurance sports and serious sport at an advanced age. The sports are becoming chancier and the trend sports are increasing.

For this reason, present-day sports medicine consists of prevention on the one hand and treatment of injuries, the mentoring of athletes in respect of their sports and performance capabilities, the development of training plans as well as ongoing competition supervision on the other hand.
Sports medicine includes parts of the disciplines of orthopaedics and internal medicine.


Who needs sports medicine?

As a sports medicine specialist, I attend to all people who exercise, whether they are beginners, athletes involved in high-performance sport, recreational sport, top-class sport or patients with chronic diseases.


The sports medicine specialist and his experience

My patients benefit from my 30 years of experience in supporting athletes as a sports medicine specialist especially in top-class sports in the field of soccer.

As a senior physician at Olgahospital Stuttgart, I acquired wide knowledge in the sports medicine division under my boss at that time, Prof. Parsch – also known as the "Grey medical eminence of the VfB Stuttgart" (a German soccer club) – and gained the required professional competence in this area. Through this, I know many players personally.


Our range of services in the field of sports medicine:
  • Examinations to determine the sports capabilities
  • Development of training plans and control of training
  • Acute treatment/athletic injuries
  • Care for the injured athlete until the full recovery of his/her performance capabilities
  • Consultation of athletes/nutrition counselling to augment performance capabilities
  • Information about doping


We make time for you and attach special importance to the fact that you feel at home in our sports medical practice.

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