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Dr. med. Dieter Hoffmann - Orthopädie Leonberg

Our Spine

The spine (Latin "columna vertebralis") is called the mobile axial skeleton of the body. It supports our body perfectly and consists of vertebrae, spinal discs (= intervertebral discs) and ligaments. The spine's full mobility is achieved by a combination of ligaments and muscles. The human spine is made up of seven cervical vertebrae (cervical spine), twelve thoracic vertebrae (thoracic spine), five lumbar vertebrae (lumbar spine) and five sacral and coccygeal vertebrae.

Physiologically, the spine is curved. It has an S-shape. This physiological shape is responsible for the upright gait of humans, while, at the same time, it is highly flexible. The spine also forms the canal for our spinal cord. This spinal cord is very delicate and connects our brain with the peripheral nervous system.

Spine therapy in the orthopaedic practice of Dr. med. Dieter Hoffmann

In our orthopaedic practice we can offer you a broad spectrum of medical specialist diagnostics, consultation and therapies in the spinal field with scoliosis and kyphosis as special areas of expertise.

In the treatment of back disorders and discopathies we avoid surgery as far as possible. Instead, we primarily apply conservative therapies such as physiotherapy, massages and neural therapy in combination with a differentiated medicinal pain therapy.

Where surgical measures in the area of the spine are called for, we are in close contact with highly competent specialists and consultants.


Our spine therapies
  • Acute pain therapy in the area of the spine
  • Injection treatment of small vertebral joints
  • Scoliosis and kyphosis therapy