Dr. med. Dieter Hoffmann - Orthopädie Leonberg
Dr. med. Dieter Hoffmann - Orthopädie Leonberg

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Dr. med. Dieter Hoffmann - Orthopädie Leonberg
Dr. med. Dieter Hoffmann
Medical Specialist for Orthopaedics


My name is Dieter Hoffmann. I was born in Eisern in the district of Siegen, Germany, on February 20, 1950. Married, two children.

School attendance from 1956 to 1968, the year in which I passed my Abitur (German university-entrance diploma).


At first, I started to study national economy at the University of Bonn, Germany. My civil service at the Hospital Gummersbach, Germany, brought about my decision to study medicine (matriculation 1971 at the University of Düsseldorf, Germany).


Having earned my medical degree in 1976, I worked as a medical assistant in Siegen, Germany, with Prof. Pompino, paediatric surgeon and Prof. Lange, paediatric urologist, internal medicine.


Thereafter, I was surgically trained by Prof. Sachweh at the Jung-Stilling Hospital in Siegen, Germany (1978 – 1979)
Subsequently, I participated in a research assignment for "Aktion Sorgenkind" (now "Aktion Mensch", a social organisation founded by a journalist of the Second German Television in1964, aimed at strengthening the dignity and self-determination of every human being; the original objective being the support of disabled children) about "Neurogenic Bladder-Voiding Dysfunctions" together with Prof. Pompino (1980).


Vocational training to be an orthopaedic surgeon followed from 1981 to 1985 with Prof. Parsch, Olgahospital Stuttgart, Germany, with conferral of a doctorate in 1981 with Prof. Pompino, Siegen, Germany, and Prof. v. Harnack, Düsseldorf, Germany. I concluded my training with the Board Certification as a Specialist in Orthopaedics in 1983.


Experience as an Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • 1982 senior physician at the Olgahospital with the main focus on surgery on children and adolescents, consultation for disabled persons (spastics, spina bifida)
  • Various publications and lectures (Germany, Austria and the USA)
  • Own orthopaedic practice in Leonberg near Stuttgart, Germany since 1986 focusing on the care for scoliosis patients, paediatric orthopaedics and spina bifida. Spastics, knee and spinal diseases
  • 1987 co-founder of the support group "Skoliose Aktiv"

Ihr Team

Dr. med. Dieter Hoffmann - Orthopädie Leonberg
Marion Schmidt-Haumer

As an empathetic professional, Mrs Schmidt-Haumer has been working in our practice since October 1988; she is responsible for the correspondence, X-rays and the aftercare of the patients.

Her fields of activity: extensions of the cervical and lumbar spine, hip extensions, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, extracorporeal shockwave therapy, bandages, casts, intramuscular injections and infusions.

Dr. med. Dieter Hoffmann - Orthopädie Leonberg
Mrs Elke Listenow-Matuschek

She is our X-ray specialist and has been employed in our practice since the summer of 1991. In addition, Mrs Listenow-Matuschek very competently assists in all incidental aftercare, in the plaster room and at the reception desk.

Dr. med. Dieter Hoffmann - Orthopädie Leonberg
Mrs Sabine Heckel

Has been working in the practice since 1986. At first as a typist by the hour, then as a part-time employee in X-ray. As a full-time employee, Mrs Heckel has been attending to our patients expertly and attentively at the reception desk since 1989. She is responsible for the admission of patients, invoicing of private patients, accounting for panel patients, bookkeeping and for all administrative tasks.

Dr. med. Dieter Hoffmann - Orthopädie Leonberg
Mrs Nicole Engel

Completed her apprenticeship in our practice and we were glad to welcome her as a full member of the team. Now, Mrs Engel is at your side in our consulting rooms as a friendly and competent assistant.

Dr. med. Dieter Hoffmann - Orthopädie Leonberg
Mrs Sandra Will

Locked her training successfully in a neurological (psychiatric) practice and works since September 2010 as a full-time staff in our practice. She stands for you as a friendly and sensitive specialist in the subsequent treatment to the side. Her ranges: Extensionen of the neck eddy and lumbar column, sound pressure wave treatment, federations, gypsum federations, syringes and infusions and registration.